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Ashtanga Asana Chart

These charts of the primary series (Yoga Chikitsa) serves as a memory guide for the practice. Please practice with vinyasa in the way you have been taught by your teacher. The vinyasas (how to enter and exit the asanas synchronised with the breath) are not visible in these charts.

These asana charts can be of good use when you are initially learning the practice, but please try to memorise the order of the poses as you progress in your practice. Memorising the sequence will help with the internalisation, meditation, concentration and focus.

When you start practicing, you will naturally need to think about the details, such as “how was this pose done?”, “what was the next pose?”, but after a while, your body will start to remember, and you can let go of the thinking process to create a truly meditative practice.

When learning difficult poses, such as any half lotus pose, be aware not to just copy the body shapes from any chart. You have a unique body, and need to approach the practice in a way that works for you. This is where the expertise of a qualified teacher comes in handy. Never force yourself into any pose. If you experience pain in any pose, or if any pain gets worse and worse from the practice, please take a break from practice and ask your teacher for advice. He or she will give you new ideas and focal areas to help you get back into practice safely.

In my humble opinion, a yoga practice should ideally be a healing practice 🙏🕉️😌

All the best,
Alex Lemberg