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Yogashala Raseborg

Welcome to Yogashala Raseborg, formerly known as “Raseborgs Yogaskola”. We are located in Tammisaari on the address Ajurinpuisto 2 B 10600 Tammisaari. Apart from this yoga shala in Tammisaari, Alex teaches a weekly ashtanga yoga class in Espoo, Kauklahti (teaching in English).

Here in Tammisaari we offer daily yoga classes, in the tradition of ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, and occasionally other styles of yoga as well.

Ashtanga Beginners

Beginners in ashtanga yoga usually start from a beginners course, even if you have experience in other yoga methods. Alex teaches in Swedish and English, and a little bit in Finnish. We are almost always mixed in languages during the classes, so don’t hesitate to join!

During the beginners courses we review the practice philosophy, breathing technique, sun salutations, and a few fundamental asanas. This will get you started on a life long yoga journey.

For hatha yoga, yin yoga, and other yoga courses, no beginners course is required.

More info in English upcoming…

Questions? Please send a message.