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“Yogic secrets about asana” – Sunday 21.5.2023 – ESPOO

Join and develop insight into your yoga practice by advanced use of breath and bandhas.


Students practicing in Alex’s previous Ashtanga course in Anandamaya Yoga and Wellness in Espoo (January 2023)

Welcome to Alex’s yoga workshop in Espoo

This mini-workshop is a culmination of Alex’s 10 years of experience in yoga practice, philosophy and teaching.

Led ashtanga yoga

We will practice a led primary series class, which will be adapted to the experience-level of the whole group. Accessible poses and options will be instructed for complicated asanas when needed.

“In my teaching style I prefer to teach you healthy set-ups for each pose (for all levels), so that you get versatile and beneficial asana practice on a whole.”


You do not need to have practiced the whole primary series to join, but having at least some previous experience in ashtanga yoga is highly recommended.

You should feel comfortable practicing the Surya Namskara A and B in order to join this class.

Every student that have practiced with Alex before this, has enough experience to join the practice.

Yogic secrets about asana

Let’s explore and revisit the very foundation of asana: breath and bandha. How do we connect the breath to the bandhas, and why? What are kriyas and mudras?

Let’s explore and unlock these mysteries of the internal asana.

Weekend schedule

Sunday 21st of May 11:00 – 13:45 (2h 45 min)

11:00 – 11:55 SPECIAL CLASS: Yogic secrets about asana – bandhas, kriyas and mudras
11:55 – 12:05 – break –
12:05 – 13:45 YOGA PRACTICE: Led primary series + relaxation

The schedule is indicative, and there might be slight variations in time during the workshop.

Shala etiquette – for the consideration of your fellow students

Calm atmosphere 😌
We try to keep a quiet and calm atmosphere in the yoga shala, and keep every day conversations to a minimum in the practice space. Ideally the yoga shala is a clean and neutral space for you to enter.

No perfumes 🛀
Avoid using perfumes and any strong deodorants in the shala. Washing yourself before practice, and practice in clean clothes is good enough 👌. A mild or close to fragrance-free deodorant is nice. When you bring your own blanket, try to find one that is close to fragrance-free.

Many people, especially people with allergies, may experience the breathing practice as difficult with strong perfumes in the room, and can even cause anxiety attacks within in the room.

Be on time ⏱️
Should you be late, enter and calmly join the practice. It’s no biggie. The teacher will show you a spot for your mat.

Meet your teacher

Alex is a Swedish-speaking Finn and father of two, who started practicing yoga at home around 2012, and has been practicing and teaching hatha and vinyasa yoga since 2014 (Seasonal Yoga). In 2015 Alex became a certified hatha yoga teacher and founded Raseborgs Yogaskola, now called Yogashala Raseborg.

During the summer of 2015 Alex fell in love with the depth of the ashtanga yoga practice in 2015 with his teachers in Helsingin Astanga Joogakoulu in their summer camp in Houtskari (Petri Räisänen & Juha Javanainen). Ever since Alex makes sure not to miss any of their traditional Ashtanga summer camps.

Alex has been teaching over 3000 hours of yoga classes with a wide range of people, while managing Raseborgs Yogaskola, and has actively been practicing with different world renowned teachers on different workshop, such as Eddie Stern, Kino McGregor, Simon Borg-Olivier, and also online courses with David Garrigues.

“In my teaching style I prefer to teach you healthy set-ups for each pose (for all levels), so that you get versatile and beneficial asana practice on a whole.

To me it’s important that the practices are taught in a safe, healthy and effective way for each student. The idea of “gatekeeper” poses do not exist in my teaching.

I believe that we as yoga teachers need to understand that all people are different, and to embrace, or celebrate, the movement patterns of each individual.

In my teaching style you will learn to turn your senses inward (pratyāhāra), you will improve your focus and learn to practice to the rhythm of your own breath. The meditation and concentration makes the practice meaningful, and is a gateway to your inner dimensions. A yoga practice should be a practice in concentration and meditation. In ashtanga and hatha yoga we use our bodies to achieve this practice.”

Alexander Lemberg. E-RYT 200, YACEP since 2015


One week before the event -cancellations will be refunded -50% (until 14th of May). Later cancellations will not be refunded, except with a doctors note you will be refunded 100%. Any other cases are not refunded. Please note that an unpaid invoice is not a cancellation.

Should we for some reason need to cancel the event, you will be 100% refunded.

Main teaching language is English, but Swedish and Finnish will also be possible.


Soukan nuorisotila in Espoo.

Address: Soukantie 13, 3rd floor. 02360 Espoo (Soukka / Sökö)


Alex Lemberg

Registration / Sign-up form

Your spot is secured upon successful payment. Please allow for 1 business day to receive the invoice. Should you pay the course the same day as the course, please bring a receipt (e.g. screenshot) to the class. The course is to be paid before the workshop.