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Alex’s ashtanga yoga programs in Espoo, Olari

Upcoming course registrations

Ashtanga II – Led class program (beginner friendly)

8x Sundays 10.3.2024 – 5.5.2024 at 18.30 – 20.00
No practice Easter Sunday 31.3

Led class ashtanga yoga sequence of 3/4 primary series and about 1/2 of intermediate series, modified for a mixed group setting.

The format of this class is similar to “Ashtanga I”, but we have time for more practices, such as headstand (not mandatory), more backbends, and exploration of the second series.

Ongoing courses (2 drop-in spots available 20€ / class)

Mysore -Program

10x Tuesdays 9.1. – 19.3.2024
18.00 – 19.35

In these classes you will start learning more from the ashtanga yoga system than what we can do in the led classes.

While there is immense value in attending led yoga classes, the true magic of yoga often unfolds when you cultivate a self-practice. Initially, you may rely on classes to guide you, but as you advance, the self-practice is where you can truly connect with your inner self.

Requirement: completion of an ashtanga yoga beginners course or led class program – that’s where to start before joining the Mysore classes.

What is Mysore style practice?
(2:12 – 2:18 a glimpse of the Mysore practice)

Led Class -Program
(beginner friendly)

10x Tuesdays 9.1. – 19.3.2024
19.40 – 20.55

Led class ashtanga yoga classes, adapted to all levels of experience, and also works as a beginners course for new students. No requirements.

If you have no previous experience in ashtanga yoga – start from here.

What is ashtanga yoga?
(8:00 – 9:00 glimpse of a led class)

Please note that there are no flexibility-, or strength-requirements for any of the courses.
-Join exactly the way you are (it’s obviously the only way to join anyway 😄)