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Ashtanga I – Espoo

    8x Tuesdays 22.8. – 10.10.2023 | 19.35 – 20.45


    People practicing in Alex’s previous Ashtanga I course in Anandamaya Yoga and Wellness in Espoo (January 2023)

    The foundation for your practice

    During this course you will learn to practice yoga postures in the tradition of ashtanga yoga to the rhythm of your own breath.

    You will learn to practice about half of the primary series in a led class setting.

    You do not need to be a beginner to join this course. If you already are very familiar with ashtanga yoga, you probably want to check out my Ashtanga II course in Espoo.

    Introduction for beginners

    The first session is longer, from 19.35 – 21.00, and includes an introduction for new beginners where we review the basic philosophy of the practice, breathing technique, vinyasa and sun salutations.

    In my teaching style I prefer to teach you healthy set-ups for each pose (for all levels), so that you get versatile and beneficial asana practice on a whole.

    We start by learning a short asana practice, and keep adding in more asanas and practices during the progress of the course.

    After the course

    After the course you have the tools to practice half of the primary series on your own, in a Mysore style class with a teacher, or continue in another led ashtanga yoga class.

    Health benefits

    In best cases you can see more strength, endurance, flexibility and maybe improved bodily functions and/or wellbeing already after a few months of regular practice.

    For whom?

    • Complete beginners in yoga.
    • Ashtangis who are already familiar with the practice, and want to repeat the foundations of half of the primary series.

    Meet your teacher

    Alex is a Swedish-speaking Finn who started to practice yoga at home in 2013, and has been practicing and teaching hatha and vinyasa yoga since 2014 (Seasonal Yoga). During the summer of 2015 Alex fell in love with the depth of the ashtanga yoga practice in 2015 with his teachers in Helsingin Astanga Joogakoulu in their summer camp in Houtskari (Petri Räisänen & Juha Javanainen). Since then Alex has been teaching over 3000 hours of yoga classes with a wide range of people, while managing Raseborgs Yogaskola, and has actively been practicing with different world renowned teachers on different workshop, such as Eddie Stern, Kino McGregor, Simon Borg-Olivier, and also online courses with David Garrigues.

    “To me it’s important that the practices are taught in a safe, healthy and effective way for each student. As a yoga teacher it is important to understand that all people are different, and to embrace, or celebrate, the movement patterns of each individual.

    In my teaching style you will learn to turn your senses inward (pratyāhāra), you will improve your focus and learn to practice to the rhythm of your own breath. The meditation and concentration makes the practice meaningful, and is a gateway to your inner dimensions. A yoga practice should be a practice in concentration and meditation. In ashtanga and hatha yoga we use our bodies to practice and achieve this.

    We start simple, and the more you practice, the more you will learn at your own ideal pace while your body becomes stronger and softer, and your mind becomes more focused.”


    Regular: 159€
    Discount group: 149€

    Discount group: retired, under 18, student

    Due to separate renting of the yoga shala in Kauklahti, we cannot offer any refunds on your payments in case you cannot make it to class.


    – 8 weekly in-person group practice sessions in Espoo
    – Strong willpower


    Main teaching language is English, but Swedish and Finnish will also be possible.


    Address: Emil Halmeen tie 1F, 02780 Espoo (Kauklahti)


    Alex Lemberg

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